Lanark Highlanders Show Their Drive: $3300 raised for Local Food Banks in #TackleHunger Campaign

Big Dave Harrison smiling for the camera

(Perth, 17 April, 2020) – Lanark County’s Rugby Club responded to the news that local food banks were in need of replenishment by collecting 345 lbs of food and raising $3300 in cash donations. Their week-long #TackleHunger campaign drew support from the rugby community locally, but was also supported by other clubs and players in the region.

 “I’m so proud of this club and its community,” says coach and drive organiser, LeeAnn Napiorkowski. “I am so impressed with the positive spirit and generosity I’ve experienced with this rugby family.”

2 meters? No problem for the backs.

Club president, Dan Drummond, says the idea was floated during an emergency meeting of the executive, held virtually, to discuss the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on their current membership drive.

“I didn’t have much good news to share with the team: essentially, the cancellation of the rugby season in the middle of our expansion was a real morale killer. But the response was, ‘Let’s do something else.’”

The Highlanders are in the midst of a recruiting campaign that will add boys’ and girls’ programmes and several men’s and women’s teams to the club’s roster.

“When we considered the size of the club’s core membership, we decided to set an ambitious goal to raise $2000 over the course of a week,” recalls Dave Harrison, co-organiser of the campaign. “Six days in, we were only $100 shy, so we made a final appeal for the last hundred dollars the night before the campaign ended, and club members donated an additional $1400, putting us well over the top. I love this club.”

Not the first time that masked Highlanders have taken things without paying for them…

The Highlanders also collected 345 lbs of non-perishable food items, respecting social-distancing rules. Money and food will be distributed to The Hunger Stop (Carleton Place), Smiths Falls Community Food Bank, and The Table Community Food Centre (Perth).

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