The Lanark Highlanders’ Spend a Day at the Fair

(Perth, 09 Sep 2019) – Lanark County’s Rugby Club made a day of it at the County’s Harvest Festival held on Sunday at Beckwith Park. Having revived an old tradition at the fair, the Rugby Club showed up with a brand new, competition-grade tug of war rope.

“When we scrum down, our biggest eight forwards tip the scales at more than a ton,” says founding club member, Toby Shannan, “And that’s a metric tonne,” he adds.

Beckwith Township reeve, Richard Kidd, joins the Highlanders with a few recruits from the crowd. Photo by Robert McDonald

“I grew up just down the road in Gillies Corners, so I know Lanark County produces some big folk. Eventually we’re going to find some locals who will be able to pull us over. And we’ll recruit them on the spot.”

Brandishing a very new trophy, the “Lanark Highlanders Tug of War Challenge Cup,” the ruggers put on a demonstration, and then invited attendees to join them in the tug of war at what they hope will be an annual event.

The Lanark highlanders heavy team, with the unclaimed challenge trophy. Photo by Robert McDonald

Soon after, the Highlanders played host to the Barrhaven Scottish Rugby Club’s Old Boys and played an EORU-sanctioned match on the main field in near perfect conditions. At the end of the match, the Highlanders remained undefeated.

The Highlanders win their lineout. Photo by Robert McDonald

By all accounts it was a great day at the fair.

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